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Shaving mug Fast Lather

This is a shaving mug that is for use with a badger brush. I wanted a mug that would lather quickly and be almost unbreakable, and this fit the bill.
I printed in clear PETG with 3 walls, .5 nozzle with .3mm layers. The print in the picture is printed scaled to .92% of the original. If you want it bigger then print it full size, but I think .92% is big enough for me.
I designed this in Sketchup and have uploaded the SKP file in the event that anyone wants to change it ( add a brush holder or something.)
I have been wet shaving for almost 3 years, and decided my stainless shaving bowl was just a tad too small and being smooth it was slow to lather. I don't know if PETG will stand the test of time, but if it fails me I'll update this summary. I think this would look aswome printed in ABS with an acetone vapor smoothing finish.
If you print this or use it please leave me a comment. I enjoy reading them, and it helps others who may be looking at this item.
I dropped this twice from counter height onto a marble floor and it suffered no damage, so i assume it would work well in the shower, if it gets dropped.

It's now been about a month and a half since T started using this every day. Now I don't think I'll ever buy another shaving mug ever again. This thing works great.
If I were to change anything about it, I'd make it a scuttle, and add a hot water chamber for heat retention. I can't seem to come up with a design for a one piece print with a chamber for hot water. If anyone wants to try it, that would be awesome.

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